Music by Southeast Missouri Composers (2015) available in Cape Girardeau at the Catapult Creative House, 412 S. Broadway.

The CD contains music by Southeast Student Composers. Sample tracks appear below: 

Tiffany McKinney: Khaos

James Behlmann: The Three, text by Ezra Pound, Marie Meunier, voice.

Ethan Trimble: Fantasy for Didgeridoo and Percussion, Ethan Trimble, Didgeridoo.

Trevor Smith: Quintet.

Tyler Tuschhoff: Gone, Tessa McNally, voice.

Other recordings of music by students and former students:

Ricky Crews: Patriarchy, James Thompson, flutes, Ricky Crews piano.

Deavyn West: The Summit, Southeast Sundays ar Three, Brandon Christrensen, conducting.

Below: Photos of performances by student composers in the Crisp Museum, Southeast Missouri State University.